Software Similar to Scrivner for OS X Panther

Hi there,
I’ve just recently bought a second hand mac, primarily to use a writing pad. I, then, went hunting around for some writing software to put on it. I was always directed to Scrivner and was about to download when i discovered that my new little mac didn’t have the system requirements :cry: What to do? It isn’t strong enough to take os x tiger, so I’m stuck trying to find an alternative for what appeared to be exactly what I was looking for.
I suppose I’m looking for second best, is there anything else out there that would do a similar job and run on os x 10.3?

Thank you

Well, that’s going to be a difficult. It’s even getting difficult to find applications that work on 10.4 these days. Copywrite still runs on 10.3, but that’s probably because it hasn’t really been updated in aeons. The last update was a minor Leopard bug fix. Substantial feature development has seemingly ceased. And really, it’s not even in the same league as Scrivener, though it does kind of do the same type of thing.

Jer’s Novel Writer claims to “mostly work” on 10.3, but once again this is another application that has largely been let to languish. It really isn’t much at all like Scrivener, but will help you write a novel.

Hmmm. Writer’s Cafe? Windows port, be warned, but that one should work.

I have Tiger installed on my PowerBook G3/400 ‘Pismo’, and it works way better than Panther with 512MB of RAM. I would say: go for Tiger, and install Scrivener.

Thank you for your replies. I’ve investigated it and there is a way to put tiger on my computer but it is so complex and difficult it would only be a last resort. My only other option is CopyWrite and an old version of DevonThink to handle data collation. Do you think that’ll work?

You can still get an older version of Journler that is supposed to work with Panther:

Development of Journler may have ground to a halt, but that probably doesn’t matter, as any application compatible with Panther has probably been abandoned or halted.