Software to change characters speech patterns?

Tried to find something like this online but not even sure of the search words to start with.

Is there a software that can change the structure of a sentence for you, so that characters would appear to speak differently to the original sentence you enter?

Basically when i write sentences for characters they, to me, appear to all sound the same. So some software that could change what they sound like would be great, even to just get a basic idea.

Maybe by giving them different ethnicities and then using the grammar of that particular ethnicity to make your sentences. We write subject, verb, object. Others might write in a different sequence, or are more likely to put their modifiers in a way characteristic of their ethnicities. Maybe language translation software might help. Certainly I do not see any simple answer.

One technique that many authors recommend to help detect problems with speech patterns is reading your dialogue out loud. If you have a friend who can read through sections of dialogue with you, that can help you spot issues more quickly and fix problems in dialogue that you would not otherwise quickly notice.

This is where finding and cultivating beta readers and sensitivity readers can be a very big help. If, for example, you have a number of characters who grew up in Barbados, hiring a sensitivity reader with the specific focus to help you get their background, speech patterns, etc. correct can be a good investment of your time.

There is no software that can reliably do this for you, even if someone says that such software exists. Getting speech patterns right is a matter of listening, writing, getting it wrong, revising, doing more listening, doing more revising, etc. until you get the ear for it. It is hard work.

Not answering the OP’s question specifically, but…

One thing I’d love in Scrivener is a way to view each character’s dialogues in isolation. I’ve never added it to the Wish List, because I’m sure it’s outside KB’s scope – and likely fiendishly difficult to implement – and a niche requirement.

You can do that using Collections.

No software that I am aware of. This is an essential skill in writing that each writer must master. A good exercise is to read lines of dialogue with the character names blocked out. The quality of the voice should be enough to tell you which character is speaking.

Distinctive voices come from emotional temperament, background/education and view of the world.

I recommend getting a copy of the screenplay for ALIENS by James Cameron. Ripley doesn’t sound like Hicks doesn’t sound like Newt doesn’t sound like Hudson doesn’t sound like Burke.

A common technique in rewriting is what’s called “voicing the characters.” That’s where you go through one characters lines and rewrite them so they are distinctive and fit that character. Scrivener is good for that.

(BTW , this advice works for writing novels and short stories, too. I’m a screenwriter, so I give screenwriting examples.)