software won't even open

I just bough MAC Scrivener 3. It wouldn’t even open the tutorial, or respond to anything. I had to restart my laptop to close it, and delete the tutorial. I made a new project and it wouldn’t open or respond to anything. I couldn’t even Quit the software. It is completely stuck again. So far this is a waste of $45. I am concerned that someday I won’t be able to even open my file and I’ll lose everything. I am very computer savvy.

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What version of Mac OS do you have?

For “infant mortality” failures like this, re-installing the software from a fresh download is often a good idea. Having this kind of problem right off the bat often indicates a damaged install file.


macOS Sierra, Version 10.12.1

Since I can’t quit it, I guess I need to restart my computer again - uninstall the software (move to trash from applications?) and download again? I assume I can use my serial number that I have?

The last version of Sierra was 10.12.6. I’d advise updating to make sure you have all appropriate bug fixes. (Take a backup first!)

If that doesn’t fix the problem then yes, move Scrivener from Applications to Trash and download again.

You don’t need a serial number to download or to test the program, as it will run in trial mode. But yes, the serial number you have will work for the new copy.