SOHO-like Mail-management?

I am currently testdriving SOHO Organizer 8. This application has a nice feature: In its contacts management section (which syncs with OS X’s adressbook), I get an overview for every single contact that shows in a list all emails I have exchanged with that person, in- and out-going. With a click on any entry it will open up in Mail (from where the data comes). I could even add notes about phonecalls etc. and create a contact history this way.

In the moment, I am in doubt about SOHO Organizer as a task/time management tool that would fit my needs, but I would very much like to use this contacts/mails feature. Thinking about it, I’d say it is such a simple yet powerful idea that maybe there are other applications that provide the same functionality, maybe are even specialized in doing so.

Question: Does anyone know about software with similar features? Thank you in advance.

I believe that Daylite (via a paid plugin) and Contactizer Pro have a similar feature. I’ve never used it so I’m not 100% sure.