SOHO Notes

I have long had a copy of SOHO Notes on my desktop - I love the sidebar tag that reminds me that I have it as one of the problems I always face as a software junkie is remembering what I have downloaded and what it is meant to do …

I love the drop-drawer apps in general and SOHO seems to be as good as most of the smaller, non Devon apps plus I like the password/receipt and journal/daily notes capacities that allow me to make a note, stickynote etc … without jumping from app to app as well as the spotlight search and password protect any file

As a very new Scriv user, I am yet to see if I will end up using Scriv to do many of these functions but my feeling from my tour of the forums is that most people have a dropdrawer/database app as well as Scriv, which makes sense from what I can see so far

My only real problem with SOHO is that it crashes at times - I know, it’s a biggie but I am yet to lose any data, it seems to be more of an overload issue when I am jumping around from website to password folders and back again

I have noticed that not many people use SOHO on this forum but if someone is looking for a simpler filing app than DEvon I would definitely recommend giving it a whirl. As mentioned, I’m a software junkie so I have tried most of the similar programs around but I keep coming back to SOHO …

My picture of SOHO is of an app with impressive functionality in theory, and disastrous behaviour in practice. (Hence for a simpler-than-Devon sidetab app, I’ve plumped for Yojimbo.) But it’s good to hear that you think SOHO is better than that.

I thought it was only me that suffered from Soho crashes, hangs and continuous back ups.

I have sorted some problems out with the developer but its still not as stable as I would wish.
To complicate matters I exported all the files (3000+) into text files so when I spotlight something I get many results-all the same.

I am still in the market for a better program to store and retrieve data, notes, files, rubbish.


I had to Force Quit SOHONotes the first time I ran the demo. And then six months after I deleted it I still found bits and pieces of it lingering around. You’d think it was a Windows application or something. I’m not a fan.

DevonThinkPro is my main research store. I supplement it with Yojimbo for fast clipping, and Tinderbox for snippet-type notes. (DT is mostly technical papers.)


I have a love-hate relationship with SOHO notes. I don’t know of any app that makes capturing
data easier, regardless of what else you happen to be doing on your Mac…

BUT it’s a beast, takes ages to load, more ages to constantly back up it’s dBase, crashes
periodically, thinks nothing of intruding on your workflow whenever it seems to feels like it,
and Chronos has the worst, most obnoxious support system outside of the folks in Redmond.
But, dang, it makes capturing and retrieving clips a breeze.


It seems like i’m not alone with SOHO after all … hehe

Tim - I empathize, it’s exactly how I feel - no other app that I have tried comes close as it’s the only app that I have actually continued to use. For no matter how impressive the software, if you don’t feel comfy using it and/or can’t make it part of the way you work then it’s worthless

As for the crashing - I installed an update a few days ago (not sure when it was actually released) 6.5.3 and I haven’t had a crash for a couple of days and I have been really putting it through it’s paces these past 2 days - so, maybe it’s getting better or, maybe I am just overdue for a crash … :laughing:

I have also downloaded yojimbo (again!). Mainly because a few ppl here have sung it’s praises. It is so similar to SOHO that the (alleged) increased stability is certainly tempting but I like to have sub-folders + many of them so that is a real drawback for me.

I keep looking sideways at DTP but I just can’t get excited …

I’m not familiar with using SOHO Notes (uninstalled it immediately when I downloaded the demo because it littered my system with junk), but if you’re looking for sidebar notes/documents/etc. manager both Yojimbo and Together are very cool. (I know Yojimbo was already mentioned, but I wanted to give Together a thumbs-up, too).

Ugh… SOHO notes. The app that seems to have so much promise, to promise so much and deliver so much less.

I guess this is what I find confusing

There seems to be mucho aggravation against SOHO but i’m not sure why. As far as I can see it’s almost identical to Yijimbo & a couple of others ?

I understand why the crashes would be a problem & also the ‘taking over of the OS’ - but i’m not clear about an other gripes (tho’ admittedly, both of these issues are cause enough to not use the program)

As I have already stated, I haven’t had a crash since my last update & where SOHO does or doesn’t place it’s files and caches isn’t a problem for me

Maybe I just haven’t used it long enough to see any other problems ?

It crashes frequently, takes over your computer, and is more or less identical to other programs that don’t crash.

But other than that, sure, it’s a great program.



I haven’t had any crashes since I downloaded the last update 7 as for ‘taking over your computer’ well, to me that doesn’t mean anything practical to me personally as I don’t see any evidence of that on a day-day basis - I mentioned it only as someone mentioned it as a reason for not using the app & I agree that it’s a valid reason of that is important to you

I feel that you took my words out of context when stating that it’s almost identical to other apps that don’t crash - as I have mentioned, I liked the look of yojimbo but having subfolders is important to the way I work & SOHO provides that when yojimbo doesn’t

I am (again) surprised at the antagonism toward a little drop drawer app - posts such as yours are confusing


When I switched from Windows about a year ago, I had a good look at SOHO’s credentials. It appeared to be what I was searching for, a combination of a side-drawer app that would accept text and notes at the drop of a hat, and a longer-term database that would hold a broad variety of formats. Then I read reviews, not just in online magazines and blogs but also in versiontracker and macupdate. A worryingly high percentage were deeply critical, and one or two reached a pitch of fury I’ve seldom seen in relation to a piece of software. There was not just the question of general instability, but also the specific accusation that the developers had appeared to issue an update that couldn’t read or actually corrupted databases established with previous versions. And they were accused of killing their forum when criticism got too strong.

I expect it’s these sorts of issues, plus personal experience, which may have formed many people’s views. For me, for a database app, they seemed pretty serious criticisms, not what I’d switched from Windows to risk, and that’s why I steered clear.