Sold a book

Well, I guess I am now a published author (self-published, anyhow). And I’ve actually sold a book… just one so far, but small steps, don’t you know :slight_smile:

I have to thank the Scrivener folks so much for a great product. Would I have made it without? Probably, but when? Great tool, solid, and important for me, cross platform (including Linux).

Anyway, if you care for SciFi, please check out Open Gate.

Y’ can make that two now! :wink: 100% increase in sales, in no time at all! Not bad going, Bruce.

I’ll be test driving my new Super Dooper-Go Anywhere-Do Anything-Kindle Fire HD 7in (Previous Generation), Blah Blah Blah!

Good luck with the book.

Hey, and now I’m an International author too!!!

At this growth rate, in a month or so, I can retire (exponential growth works that way :slight_smile:).

Seriously, thanks Vic!

And now I’ve sold a couple (via CreateSpace) of paperbacks.

I will comment that I was able to compile these successfully with the Mac version of Scrivener. It did a great job with the left/right gutters, headers, all that.

The Windows/Linux version doesn’t seem to have all of this yet (or at least the pre-set templates that help ed me figure it out weren’t there). If they are, and somebody could point me that way, would appreciate it :slight_smile: