Sold a magazine piece!

Through an online posting, I found that Greenprints magazine, a gardening quarterly, was looking for essays on the gardening experience. I wrote a piece I was quite proud of… and they agreed! I got top of their pay scale!

Which isn’t much, perhaps, but it’s something to get a nice letter from the editor with exclamation points in it.

The last time I freelanced it was for now defunct computer magazines, so this is a nice addition to my new portfolio.

When it gets posted online I’ll share the link in a new post.

I got the lead through, which is a site that pays very little, but allows readers to rank different articles, and the higher the readers rate, the more you get paid. I think it’s a great way for someone to get “out there” and show what they can do. And unlike a lot of similar sites, the writer retains all rights and their copyright.

I’ve been writing on there for a couple months, to see how people react to my cat articles. See them here: … LA+MERRITT

It seems people like them!

meow! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Hey, not bad at all! Gardening magazines are full of wonderful photos, so it is a joy reading your writing when published. Novels are always b/w, arent’t them? Congratulations!

Congrats! Keep 'em growing!