SOLUTION -- Using Evernote clippings in Scrivener

I recently wrote an Applescript after reading a post on another forum from a Scrivener user who wanted to bring in notes from Evernote – thought some people here might be interested as well! :slight_smile:

The script allows you to export notes from Evernote as RTF files (which you can then import directly into your Scrivener project). The instructions, source code, and download link are here:

Hope it is helpful to the Scrivener community!

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I was just mucking about to see what new tricks are around and found your post. This is just what I need. With both an iPad a iPhone I’ve taken to gathering rough notes for blog posts and writing ideas in Evernote. I’ve been cutting and pasting when ready to do the serious writing in Scrivener, so your script will be very helpful. I’ll let you know how it works out. Thanks for your efforts.

You bet, Jim!

And as soon as Scrivener starts rolling out its own AppleScript support, my hope is to do an even tighter integration for people.

The script works as you said, quite well. I think for just one note it’s probably as easy to cut and paste across apps, but for multiple notes export it will be an assist.