[SOLVED] Can't add words to dictionary with Snow Leopard

I’m getting some odd spell check behaviour in Scrivener (1.53) since upgrading to Snow Leopard.

In short, the context-menu lacks the ‘Learn’ option for words that aren’t recognised for as-you-type spell-checking. It seems to relate to words that have alternative suggestions — those that do can be added to the dictionary, those that don’t, can’t. One word that exhibits this problem is ‘overclock’. Words can be Learned if I use the Edit > Spelling & Grammar > Show Spelling & Grammar.

Scrivener appears to be the only app to suffer from this — TextWrangler is fine, for example.

Anyone got any ideas about what the problem could be…?

(Someone else mentions this issue at [url]https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/crash-from-dictionary-panel/6347/1], but that’s part of a separate problem, so I won’t hijack the thread.)

To fix it, I believe you just need to change the spelling language back to whichever language you want it set up for - apparently the upgrade can knock it out (at least I’ve heard this from a couple of users). As Scrivener itself does absolutely nothing with the dictionary or spell-checking - that is all handled at the system level, it has to be Snow Leopard and not Scrivener causing the problem. My guess is that the system stores information about the dictionary used on an application-by-application basis, which may explain why you are only seeing it in Scrivener, though. Did you ever change the dictionary settings in Scrivener in the past?

Anyway, as I say, if you go to Edit > Spelling and Grammar > Show Spelling and then reset the language at the bottom, that should fix things.

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Aha, that seems to have fixed it. The language was set to Auto, rather than British English. Thanks for the catch!

Glad that worked. If you set it back to Auto again, does that work? And if not, what is your language set to in the System Preferences? I ask because I have my dictionary set to Auto in Scrivener on Snow Leopard, and it works fine (with System Preferences set to British English).
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System Prefs > Language & Text has English at the top of the Language list and UK as the Region under Formats.

Setting Scrivener back to Auto causes the problem to reappear and it also removes the Unlearn option for a learned word (which I used to restore the problem words before reverting the language to check this out).

What’s also weird is that with British English selected as Scrivener’s language, I have words marked as unrecognised in a document, but the context menu only shows an ‘Unlearn’ option, suggesting that they are recognised.

Strange. There’s definitely something odd going on with the dictionary on 10.6, then. I’m a bit stumped, as it all works fine on my end, and as I say, there’s nothing in Scrivener that even touches these settings…
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Snow Leopard seems to have changed language settings. In System Preferences, choose “Language & Text”, select the Language tab, and then choose “Edit List…”. This opens a drop down list with checkboxes for all of the available languages. On my computer, my default language for the last 7 years (Australian English) was not selected and hence had not been available. I checked it and then, after clicking OK, dragged it to the top of my list. Since then, everything seems to be working as normal - so far… (wondering what other surprises Snow Leopard has in store. Overall it has been worth it, the improved PDF handling alone is worth the upgrade price, but I’m still finding little niggles).

Hope this helps.

Yes, and besides selecting it (Australian English) and dragging it to the top of that list in the Language tab, I’ve found it useful to ALSO make sure you go to the ‘Text’ tab in the Language & Text system pref and select your Spelling language (top RH pop-up list) from ‘Automatic by language’ to Australian English(or whatever your choice is.’

This seemed to make it ‘take’ in spelling dictionaries in other apps/files. Cheers, Peter