[solved]!! -Compile PDF or HTML w/ Bookmarks

My end goal is to create an HTML page with all the content from Scrivener - the page should include a SideBar Navigation Menu(exactly like bookmarks) that links to each scrive page. Is this possible? Is there a workaround or 3rd party software that could make this work?

I would settle for a solution in PDF if HTML is not gonna happen.

I have successfully exported to MS Word DOCX - which includes the bookmarks and links correctly - unfortunately, when I try to export that DOCX to a PDF, the bookmarks don’t carry forward.

When compiling, using the same settings, into PDF directly from Scrivener all works great, including a a TOC, however, the bookmarks do not carry forward.

The HTML export option does not have the ability to compile with a Navigation menu bar with links - or does it?.

Is there a workaround? Any ideas?

I wanted to post a follow up to this… After many lost hours I found a workaround solution - this might be helpful for other users…

Within scrivener compile option, I had to ensure that all Bookmarks were tagged with a “Heading” style - this is not the default behavior.
Compile to MS Word DOCX format making sure all bookmarks you want are styled with Heading
Open doc in MS Word - ** Export to Adobe PDF Format, goto options, make sure set headings as bookmark is checked
Open PDF file - you should have all the headings now in the navigation bookmark side bar. Choose Export to HTML, be sure to make sure the option for including sidebar navigation of bookmarks/headers is checked.

** This part is tricky - you can use the standard MS Word “Save as PDF” option - You must have a fully licensed version of Acrobat Pro installed - In the MS Word Header Ribbon there would be an Adobe tab, create the PDF from this tab, not the normal save as menu.
** Another tricky part is that in order to push the headings/bookmarks to the PDF you must do the conversion through adobe’s creative cloud / cloud service - if you convert it locally, the bookmarks won’t carry forward.

MY WISH is that at some time in the future Scrivener will release a version that exports to PDF and/or HTML which includes sidebar navigation/bookmarks - till then, this work around although tedious seems to work

Scrivener can already create PDF files with sidebar navigation (the PDF outline). although there is a bug in the latest update (3.1.1) which means that the outline may not always be included when it should.

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KB - Thanks for the info - I had thought I remembered it being supported…:slight_smile:

Is the bug expected to be fixed in the next build/release?