[Solved] Compiled for Kindle but all chapter titles underlined!

I compiled my book for Kindle and in the .MOBI file the table of contents has all the chapter titles underlined! I found some old posts about italics and underlining problems, but I think those were with earlier editions of Scrivener.

I’ve compiled other books on Scrivener and haven’t had this problem, anyone have any ideas?


Because they are links, which are underlined. See Lunks post in ‘compile help please’ a few posts down from yours. It gives a good explanation.

So, maybe Kindle Gen is producing the underlines since they are hyperlinks. But I’ve compiled other books, and haven’t seen this problem. I checked the other post as you suggested, I may give the editor a try to remove the underlines.


Thanks for the reply!

Whether links are underlined or not has nothing to do with the compilation as such. It is usually handled by the software displaying the text. Some internet browsers used to underline all hyperlinks, but nowadays they don’t.
What kind of reader are you using to look at the mobi file?

Yep, I got it now, you are right! I was using the Kindle Previewer.

Problem solved!

Thanks for your help!!