Solved* Compiling--Can't figure out how chapters in the TOC work.

My chapters are separated into their own folders containing a single file for each chapter.
When compiling my Epub, it seems to only generate a TOC for the contents of the front matter, and it doesn’t include the chapters.
The same goes for the NCX table.
Then, If I go into the Epub file itself, I notice that there are only 4 XHTML files: Title, Dedication, etc (front matter) and then a single file for all the chapters combined. This is not the way that epubs usually work in my limited experience.
Why is it recognising the files in the front matter as separate sections, but not the chapters? How do you fix this so that I can generate a complete TOC?
I’m using version 3 beta.

Edit* I’ve been struggling with this for over an hour, and then, as tends to happen, solved it a few minutes after posting. In the compile window, each of my chapters were marked as scenes. Changing them to Chapters instead seemed to work.

There’s no such thing as “marked as scenes” as a Scrivener feature. Scenes is a human idea, not a Scrivener idea.

Maybe you mean files vs folders. Folders have page breaks by default and files do not.