Solved:Compiling images to PDF leaves big space above images


I’ve been using Scrivener for over a year, and it’s been a godsend. I’ve used it with images before without a problem, but now something strange has happened. I have a manuscript with a variety of inline images. I insert them by copying them from a drawing program into the clipboard, then pasting them into Scrivener. When I compile to an RTF document they look fine, but when I compile to PDF they have a large space - anywhere from the space that 5 or 6 lines of text would take to half a page - above them. Does anyone have any thoughts about how to correct this, so they compile properly to a PDF? Or should I be adding them another way?

Any advice is much appreciated!

The first two things I’d check are the line spacing for the image and the image dimensions. A line spacing multiple will create a big space above an image line since it will be multiplying the height of the image rather than the height of the text, so you may need to select 1.0 spacing for the image in the editor and then mark it with Format >Formatting > Preserve Formatting to retain that through compile. Also, if the image is too large to fit in the remaining space on the page, it will be pushed to the next page, which would leave a big gap.

Both those you would normally see with RTF compile as well, but depending on the word processor you’re using to view the file and the converter you’re using to create the PDF, the layout and spacing may be just enough different to push an image to the next page on the PDF but not the RTF.

If neither of those seems to be the issue, try switching the PDF converter to see if that makes a difference. In Tools > Options select Import/Export, then click Export Converters. If it’s available, choose “PDF” from the left menu and choose the alternative option in the right menu, then OK out of that and try the compile again. (If PDF isn’t listed in the converters at all, then you can ignore all this–the alternative requires Microsoft Office 2007-2013, so it’s not always present.)

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Changing the line spacing and image size had no effect, but switching to MS Office 2013 for the PDF converter did the trick. I would never have ferreted this out on my own - many thanks for the quick and accurate response! :slight_smile:

I had this same issue when compiling to manuscript layout (double-spaced). The “Preserve Formatting” option solved the issue perfectly. Thank you!