[Solved] Exporting Outliner to doc

New to Scrivener. Need to post up the outline in my forum for group input. How?

All I want is the outline in a doc so I can cut and paste it.

Tried exporting - works great if you haven’t added any text; once you’ve done that, it’s useless. The other two? export formats are not what I need.

The only work around I could think of was to create a “dummy” project and copy all the outline cards, and then export - this works as I’ve done it with an unfilled project. But that’s twice the work, so I can’t imagine that this is the intent.

Surely this is just me, not understanding how to get such a simple thing out of this great tool!


If you view your project in the Outliner view mode, and click Print Preview, does the output suit your purpose? If so, a “print to file” option such as PDF or XPS will allow you to open the preview in a form you can copy and paste from. Note that this view picks up synopses, which may or may not be useful to your group.

Rgds – Jerome

Thank you very much!

I couldn’t copy from print preview, and my pdf option wouldn’t print, but I do have OneNote - and that worked perfectly!!!

So very happy. I’ve worked with Windows for a very long time, and still find opening a print dialog to produce a file very counter intuitive. It never sticks in my memory for long! Thank you for jogging it for me!