[SOLVED] Frame for empty picture on each page of the projects

Hi all,

I just wanted to get back to my oldest projects and start checking them and I noticed that each page of these projects after I click somewhere on that page shows “frame for empty picture”.

I can shrink it but I cannot delete it. I have picture contextual menu but I can’t copy image to disk or scale it from menu. It doesn’t prevent me from writing, but its annoying and its prevents me from using contextual menu different than the picture menu. Its in all my old projects (already converted from first Scrivener to the new one) excluding one that I’m using regularly from years now. I create new project to see if this is something because of old Scrivener left on them (due to conversion or smth) but new project have this as well (screenshot above). I was able to make this frame disappear on newly created project when I add and picture to the page and delete it. But for old projects its not working. I could not find any solution for this different than recreate projects as a new one and copy everything. of course I need to add the picture first and delete it for each newly created page in that projects.
I want to highlight it again that one project is not affected by this. This is my “main” project and I use it nearly everyday writing there down lot of things. How can I debug this issue?
Affected old projects was created on Scrivener version 1 and then converted to the new format. New project is created by File → New Project then I choose “blank” but other formats are also affected:

I have no idea what else I can check or do to fix this. Any help appreciated.

I’d try reinstalling the software, as something doesn’t appear to be working correctly across the board. I doubt it is anything specific to your projects, since it happens in new ones as well.

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Looks like this helped. That should be my first solution :slight_smile: Thanks.