SOLVED: Help a newbie install Scrivener on Fedora

I’m trying to install Scrivener on Fedora Workstation. Been at it for a while, using alien to convert .deb to .rpm but to no avail. I’ve been using Ubuntu for a while, but I wanted to try Fedora in stead.
Perhaps it’s a bad idea to install Scrivener on FW? If not, could somebody please walk me through it?



Does this answer work for you?

The missing library could explain why you couldn’t simply convert the .deb.

Good luck!

Many thanks happydemic, that’s exactly what I needed. Irony was that I seem to have installed the missing library all ready, but I guess I didn’t try the correct way after that. Worked right away this time. I even managed to fiddle a desktop icon into being and place it on my favourites-dock.

Glad @znmeb’s answer worked for you. It’s always worth a search on the forum. :slight_smile: