[solved] import papers based on .bib

Hi there,

i have a .bib with corresponding pdfs, i want to import them into the ResearchFolder in the way i like, and i find the main data of scrivener is xml based(i can also guess the file structure of the contents), so i want to write a python script to modify the file to do the import(i know you will suggest not to do this…but i like DIYs…and i really want import the things the way i like), can you give some suggestions to do that things (for example, the first thing i want to know is how to calculate a new UUID for a new object)

i think i have roughly figured out the storage structure of scrivener, the only things i want to know is

is the UUID just a unique random str with form like F507A63E-A749-4B5A-8D83-3A3A49EDFD19
it is calculated based on some other parameters, and will be tested the validity somehow??

Hi there~

I have finished my script to do my import, here is the result

I use Zotero to manage papers, i want to take advantage of Zotero’s easy way to download and manage the papers and Scrivener’s good layout to take notes and organise content for paper writing. below is what i have done for this purpose.

use zotero to collect some papers, they have a complex citation and reference relation, i will make the relation very clear at the last step

export *.bib file

use python script to process the .bib file and search for the citation and reference relation between all the papers via ADS (The Astrophysics Data System)

use another python script to modify the *.scriv file, import the things in to my work

as you can see, i successfully import the database into the Research folder
I make a classification by years
For each paper, the url, title, author and abstract is automatically generated as rtf text
The most important thing is in the “Document References”
You can see that the downloaded file managed by Zotero is linked
As well as the citations (start with c:) and references (start with r:) (they are internalLinks in the Scrivener)

now i will have a easy life to organise notes and comments for the papers(i have also make a template using multimarkdown to write tex paper, the i can use [#refkey] to do citations, and the refkeys are the titles in my Research folder)