[SOLVED] Is it possible to work with Scrivener in two monito

Hi there,
I have been trying to figure out how I can have the binder in one monitor, and my active document in another monitor (in Compose mode). I’ve not found a way, as it seems document editing can only happen in the main window along side the binder.

Is that correct, or am I missing something here?

Basically I have two monitors. My MBP 17", and an external. I’ve like the main window (binder, and outline) to show on my macbook, and the document I am working on (in Compose mode) to display on my external screen. :open_mouth:




This should be possible if I understand you to mean by “Binder”: the entire project window. You can’t detach the Binder as a sidebar all by itself, but you can choose to leave the project window open while you use Composition mode, target the secondary monitor for writing and disable blanking on other monitors. All of this is set up in the upper-left corner of the Compose preference pane.

Oh, I am glad I asked. Thank you Amber. I figured it must be possible.

For anyone else wondering the same thing—who also didn’t figure out the required settings are in the Compose preferences—the settings in question are these: