[Solved] Keeping an iOS device unlocked during Scrivener use?

Hi, I’m very much a desktop user, but I’ve been slowly using iOS scrivener more and more for note taking during academic talks (an iPhone SE with a small folding bluetooth keyboard). The major problem is not specific to Scrivener, but how do I stop my iOS device from sleeping/locking only when Scrivener is running? I do not want to change my general quick locking setting which is very useful for the rest of the time I’m using my phone. Is there an app people can recommend, like caffeine /amphetamine but for iOS? Or a quick way to toggle these settings without having to fiddle with them each time I need to use Scrivener?

Doh! How about I look at the Scrivener app setting and see there is already an option to control this?? Settings > Scrivener > Disable Auto-Lock…

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