[Solved] No Contents In Compile

So, I don’t have this problem with my one project. And I’ve been trying to figure out what the difference is… but for some reason the two other projects I have, when I go to compile, have NOTHING in the contents. Am I missing something vs. the other project? Maybe an option or a setting? Help, yes, please.

This is what it looks like. Anyone?

It sounds like you don’t have anything within your Draft folder, which is the special folder that the compile function looks at. Depending on whether you started with a project template, this might be renamed “Manuscript” or “Screenplay” or such (I believe it should be mentioned in the About document at the top of the binder then, e.g. “Novel Format” or such, but I may be mistaken), but you can identify it by its white icon of a stacked manuscript:

Just select all your manuscript documents and drag them into that folder or use the Documents > Move To > command to do it. They’ll appear in the contents for compile then.

EDIT: Oops, I got interrupted in the middle of writing this. Yes, your screenshot definitely shows the “Chapter” documents aren’t in the Draft. It’s probably just above the “Phantasy” folder in the binder.

OMG! I knew it was a simple fix xD. Thank you so much!