Solved: Scrivener menu text changed on me -- how to fix?

Update – thanks to the manual, I realized that I can change “Label” or “Status” to whatever I want, and I must have inadvertently changed “Label” to read “http:///www…”. It’s now fixed.

I was starting to work with labels and their colors, and I just noticed that the text of the View --> Use Label Color In menu has changed:

Rather than “Use Label Color In” the menu item now says “Use climatest…. Color In” (screenshot attached below).

That’s the start of a URL that I pasted somewhere in my “research” folder, although I can’t even find it at the moment.

How did I do this? And how can I un-do it?

For anyone else that comes along, custom label and status names are set up in Project/Meta-Data Settings. :slight_smile: