[Solved] Scrivener "Not Responding" on open.

Solution: Enable compatibility mode with Windows 7.

First encountered the issue a few days ago when trying to open Scrivener, which would open the previous project; my July Camp Nano 2015 project a few days before.

Numerous restarts and project opening attempts proved fruitless, so I uninstalled Scrivener and cleared out all traces of it from app data and registry. On a reinstall, the same “Not Responding” issue occurs, but this time when opening the New Project dialogue.

I have included a full system report from speccy.
Any suggestions for me?
Further information required?

I am using Scrivener

System Report.txt (241 KB)

Have you installed or updated any other software on your machine in that timeframe? Anti-virus updates, disk search agents, anything that could eat up CPU, memory, or disk access.

If you boot Windows into Safe mode and launch Scrivener, do you have the same problem? If so, then one of the non-system programs that is configured to start up with Windows is likely the culprit.

If you aren’t able to trace it a conflict with another program running, try running Scrivener in compatibility mode, just for the same version of Windows you’re using. A few people have run into this after a Windows update, and just mismatched libraries or other tangles on the system can cause weirdness; forcing the compatibility mode can get it working.

Wow, just turning on windows 7 compatibility mode fixed the issue.
Silly that I didn’t try that. Thanks for the suggestion.