SOLVED: Setting Compile to Start New Chapters on Specific Line & Setting Line Height

My editor requires all new sections of the text (chapter & part titles, etc) to be on the 7th line down (this is standard for the industry) and to set all line heights as exactly 25pt, which gives you exactly 25 lines on a page (also standard).

I’d rather set this up in Scrivener so that when I export, I don’t have to manually go into Word and “fix” everything.

So far I’ve gone into the Compile Format Designer and selected Styles on the left, then changed the Body, Heading 1, and Heading 2 styles to “Exactly 25.0” using the line spacing drop-down.

But I can’t find a way to start on the 7th line.

Any suggestions?


Excellent, that’s perfect. Thanks!

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