[SOLVED] Spellcheck and Missing Spaces

Full disclosure, I’m not using it (not clever enough), but if this is also true of the Beta, it’s worth fixing, so I thought I’d post it here.

The spellcheck picks up missing spaces between words if they’re in the middle of a sentence. So, ‘middleof’ gets underlined.

But unlike the spellcheck in Word, it doesn’t pick up missing spaces after punctuation. So ‘punctuation.So’ doesn’t get underlined. (Although in this editor, it appears that it does.)

I’m using Scrivener for Windows with Windows 10, both up to date.

I can’t see a menu option that allows me to fix this, and searching the forums hasn’t turned up anything helpful. My apologies if I’ve missed something, but I’ll be ever so grateful if somebody tells me what.

Thank you - and I’m really looking forward to Scrivener 3 for Windows!

This is what I get with the spell checking in RC18. Note that I use an enhanced spelling dictionary, so the small one that comes with the original install may be different. Either way, it should pick up the missing spaces.[attachment=0]Screenshot 2021-02-19 102628.png[/attachment]

Jestar, thank you for testing - it’s great to see that it’s sorted.

Best wishes,


Just checked with the standard spelling dictionary and it does pick up missing spaces.