Some accentued caracters are not allowed in comments ...

… and make Scrivener crash.

Caracters such as ô or ê are typed as ^o or ^e in comments. And when I delete the wrong caracter, to put a simple o or e in its place, Scrivener crashes immediately.

As a french user, I often use these caracters.
Am I the only one to have this issue?

I have the same issue. It doesn’t crash for me when I delete them, but I can’t use the á, é, í, ó, ú (Spanish writer here).

Do you thin it is specific to the Linux version?
And should we report this somewhere?

By the way, I mentioned in this thread that I couldn’t use the spell checker, may be because Scrivener doesn’t find the dictionary. Do you have the same issue with the spanish language?

In case it’s useful, this issue is not fully present for me: beta (64 bit) on Ubuntu 14.10.

I can produce accented characters with the keyboard in marginal footnotes and comments, and within inline annotations and inline footnotes.

I can paste accented characters into marginal footnotes and comments, but I cannot paste accented characters into inline annotations or inline footnotes, although I can paste other forms of text.