Some additional navigation aids in Binder/Outliner

Here are some ideas for allowing more rapid transit between Binder/Outliner items, while using the keyboard. Of course, the Option modifier is just an idea – I am not sure if it would need a Cmd or not (or if these should even be in a menu). Cmd-Opt maybe. The idea with Option is that in the text editor, it is generally a navigational aid to use Option in conjunction with an arrow. Left and right skips words, while up and down skips paragraphs. Command in conjunction with an arrow usually does more radical navigation, with right and left going to the end or beginning of the line, and up and down going to the beginning and end of the document, respectively.

Left Arrow
Operates as it normally does, except under these conditions:

  • The selected item is a child that is not a container
  • Is a document stack or group which has been collapsed.

The left arrow would select its parent. In this manner, a series of left arrow key strokes could close and ascend the hierarchy in a rapid manner.

Opt-Left Arrow
Under these conditions:

  • The selected item is a child.

Opt-LeftArrow would select the parent of the current selection, without collapsing the current group, assuming the selection criteria from a simple left arrow were true.

Opt-Right Arrow
If the current selection is an un-collapsed document stack or group, then this keystroke would un-collapse the selection and descend to select the first child. It is basically just a shortcut manoeuvre for what would be RightArrow-DownArrow, for the sake of consistency with the other proposals.

If the selection is already un-collapsed, it would simply select the first child. And obviously, if the current selection is not an item with children, nothing would happen.

This would allow rapid expansion and navigation to the bottom level of a hierarchy without alternating Right/Down keystrokes.

Opt-Up/Down Arrow
Under these conditions:

  • The selected item has a sibling above or beneath it, respectively.

Opt-UpArrow would select the prior sibling above the current selection, even if there are intervening children between them. If the current selection has no prior sibling (is the first child of its parent), then nothing would happen. This would allow the user to hold down the key combination for rapid navigation, without fear of escaping the current hierarchy.

Opt-DownArrow would act as described previously, except of course in selecting the next available sibling rather than the prior.

Am I missing anything? RightArrow, UpArrow, and DownArrow would all function as they normally do.

Hmm, I’m not sure about these simply because they would involve overriding low(ish)-level parts of the outline view to change the way the arrow keys work. Because the outline view already uses the arrow keys on their own and in conjuntion with command and opt, this gets tricky.

I have already implemented one helpful addition for navigating the outline view in beta 3 - the use of ctrl-up/ctrl-down to navigate between containers only (ie. skip children). Whether this will leap to document groups as well as folder depends on certain preferences - this should make more sense with beta 3.

All the best,

Actually, the ability to leap children was the primary instigation for this thread. The other stuff, I just added as I typed up the proposal. Figured I might as well get it all out of the way. Ctrl-hopping will be extremely useful on its own. Sounds great! :slight_smile: