Some doubts


Came across scrivener for mac sometime ago but gave up the idea of using it because I have a windows os. pc . However this new version, windows compatible, brings me back to the idea of using this software. But I have a few doubts that perhaps someone can clarify and that are:
1- Will the export options, epub for Ipad, mobi or azw for kindle, be available in this windows version as they are already available in v. 2 for mac?
2- Can this windows version deal with files in portuguese language? And I mean Portuguese from Portugal and not the brazilian variation as they are not the same thing? Look for instance at this noun: avô » which translates to » grandfather. As you can see avô has an accent, and there are several types of accents in Portuguese.
3- Finally, will the file produced by scrivener be complete, so that one can upload it directly to amazon kindle dtp service, or apple ibooks sevice?
Thank you.

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Not this version, but sooner than later. Shortly after the initial release, that is one of the items on the hot list to implement. There is a poll around here were you can vote on your favourite post-launch feature.

It uses Unicode, so in theory yes. Definitely test this out and let us know if anything isn’t working in the bug hunt section.

Depending on how picky you are, yes it can produce something that is ready to go. I think most people would prefer to go through it with an ePub or .mobi editor and make sure everything looks good. You can do quite a bit in terms of automatic formatting with the compiler (and I’m speaking of the Mac version here, since the Windows e-book stuff is all nebulous, but intended to replicate what you can do on the Mac), but if your work has stuff that needs a lot of manual treatment, you might need to edit the files a bit as one would with a word processor on an RTF file they were submitting.

For basic texts though, like novels in particular, the output is very clean and full featured.

E-book stuff aside, the beta release is still free to use, so if you want a better idea of what Scrivener is capable of right now, particularly in language support, that would be the best way to find out.