Some enhancement requests

  1. Need “Previous Comment” and “Next Comment” features that will automatically take you to the previous/next comment within the entire project.
  2. Need a “Search Next” and “Replace Next” option for project-wide searches.
  3. Already mentioned and already in the Mac version, but need better gutter features and improved compile options for Createspace.
  4. Esc to close search box.
  5. Ctrl-End and other similar keyboard shortcuts should work properly when viewing/editing the combined document. Currently, they only for within the current section.

Also, there’s a minor issue with clicking comments. If I click on one to take me to that spot in the text, then I scroll elsewhere, I can’t click on the same comment to take me back. I have to either click “off” of the comment and back on, or click on a different comment and then click back to the old one again. A small inconvenience that would be remedied by having clicks always take you to the spot in the document, even when the comment is already selected.