Some feedback after using it for two nanowrimos and a bit of other writing.

First I’ll describe my process to provide context
[]I write scenes out of order, and often splice and a move their order including the chapters.
]During nanowrimo, I would use a completely new project for each year, then import the scenes into a folder outside the Manuscript section so I could reference the scenes.
[]I use git to version the entire project, as scrivener does not seem to be able to just snapshot a manuscript in its entirety and provide diffs, including scene and chapter order/inclusion.
]I use Notes/Excel/OmniPlan all to… middling results to try and plan out my writing sessions.
[]I use ProWritingAid which requires me to close the project out and use that tool, then reopen the project.
It would be nice to know what files to include/exclude in git as, just opening the project generates changes.
]Some form of manuscript versioning, and being able to have ‘Drafts’ would be nice, I recall something about First Draft at a scene level being around, but this is… also including the actual scene order/chapter order. This is especially useful if I wanted to print out a particular version or subset for a workshop.
[]Gnatt charting would be nice, I also can’t figure out how to properly use the timeline feature.
]Maybe this already exists, but support for things like a workshop season, or nanowrimo without having to make a new project would be nice :slight_smile:
[*] I haven’t been able to figure out how to get chapters to have titles instead of ‘Chapter One’

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Thanks for your feedback.

You can see which documents are to be included in the Compile when you go into the Compile window, or in the Inspector. Opening/closing a project wouldn’t normally change the that status for a document.

You can just duplicate the Draft folder and label it 1st Draft etc if you don’t want to do the versioning at the document level with the Snapshot feature.

Scrivener doesn’t have a timeline feature. do you mean something on Corkboard or Outliner?

Scrivener is a project based format really, so creating a new project for a new project is usually the best way to go. Or you can create another root level folder.

If you edit the compile format you are using you can change the chapter headings. This video goes through editing a format. … t?os=macOS