some fonts missing - a mystery!

My favorite fonts are Book Antiqua and Garamond. They are definitely both on my computer – I use them all the time in Powerpoint and Word. But I can’t find either of them in Scrivener: neither on the dropdown menu nor in the popup font box.

This seems weird. Is there something I need to do to have Scrivener find them? Are there some fonts Scrivener can’t process? (I have used both Google and the board search to look for posts on this. But found nothing except a thread from 2012 that didn’t help.)

Thanks for any help anyone can offer!

AH… I’d suggest that you check your Font Book app. My MacBook Air 11, running Sierra, contains neither of these fonts. I don’t use Microsoft Word or Powerpoint. These fonts may be included with Microsoft software, but unavailable for general use on the Mac because not provided with OS X.

One way to confirm this would be to open TextEdit, and see if the fonts are available there. If they aren’t, it’s almost certainly that MSoft provides these for its apps and its apps only.

Of course, I may be wrong… :slight_smile: good luck!

If you check Font Book and TextEdit and those fonts aren’t there (they aren’t in mine) you can download them off the 'net from various sites for using on your Mac (they should be free). It’s something I’ve done with favourite fonts to use in Scrivener when they haven’t been available on the Mac list.

You guys are both totally right – they weren’t there. How weird! I mean, I’m sure it makes perfect sense to people with a sense for how the tech does and doesn’t interoperate from app to app. But I never would have figured there’d be fonts that would be somehow “hooked” to an app or app suite. (Though if anyoen would do it would be Microsoft…)

I will go look for non-MSFT copies of each, as suggested, to add to my Library. Thank you!!