Some fonts rendered too thin/light

I have an issue with some fonts being rendered in a strange way, see the attached pictures.

The fonts show up properly everywhere else, just Scrivener renders them like this. I’m on Windows 10, using the 125% DPI setting on a 1920x1080 screen, if it makes any difference.

As I’m getting no reaction to my post, can someone at least confirm this problem?

Hi Laki,

Yes, I confirm the too-light font rendering, as you are seeing.

With some very quick experiments, it seems to occur on Adobe (or is it OTF?) fonts. (Adobe Jenson Pro, Adobe Garamond Pro)

Microsoft fonts show at proper weight (Calibri, Times New Roman)

Not sure what they will find, but there is something there. I am also on up-to-date Windows 10, normal good laptop screen. No problem with these fonts in InDesign, etc…

It’s probably pretty important now that people are using Scrivener seriously to produce ebooks.