Some footnotes fail to compile to MSWord or PDF,

I came across this problem when trying to compile a 60 page academic paper with just over 100 inspector footnotes. Compiling to MSWord would appear to work but while reading through the paper I would discover that some footnotes were doubled and others were missing altogether. I tried compiling to PDF and the doubling stopped but still some footnotes were missing. I converted all inspector notes to inline notes and recompiled. Then I discovered that at least some of the missing footnote markers appeared as this <$FM> in the main text of the paper but there was no corresponding reference in the footnote section. I also noticed that <$FM> as it appeared in the PDF was a link, Hovering over it revealed “scrivcmt:” followed by a massive serial number.

I found nothing describing this same problem on this site (searching for ‘footnote’ in the bug forum) or google. I did come across advice in other instances to try compiling to RTF.

Compiling to RTF seemed to work. The whole bug added several hours of work trying to find a work around and then later manually checking all footnotes for fear some might still be missing. I would like to know how serious the issue is so that I can plan around it on other projects, particularly when I want to compile directly to PDF.

I was using Scrivener Version: (1274136) 64-bit - 28 Apr 2021

This link leads to some screenshots;

The compiler is garbage right now. Footnotes are only part of the problem. I’d make arrangements for your next paper.

I’m having similar issues. Thousands of footnotes have disappeared and replaced with scrivcmt links. This is the only answer so far? This is far from being a paper. It’s a 90k word book that is nearly complete. Wtf am I supposed to do?

I should mention that for me, compiling to rtf was successful. My rtf file had all the footnotes where I expected them to be. I then opened the rtf in word, and saved to pdf. This work around was successful enough that I’m going to try the same approach for my thesis later.

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Ditto. But L&L really should massively fix the compile to MS Word feature. Does anyone know if this is being addressed, or has been in the latest version(s) of Scrivener 3.x for Windows?