Some formatting lost when compiling for Final Draft

I’m a new Scrivener user, have worked my way through the full tutorial, just starting to experiment with a test project.

Using the template for an American stage script, I filled out the opening pages for the title, characters, and setting. Then I wrote some dummy text for two scenes. I was anxious to see how an exported compilation would open up in Final Draft where I’ll be polishing up a draft created in Scrivener.

When I opened the test export in Final Draft, I was happy to see that the formatting for the scenes was perfect - characters, stage directions, action etc were all exactly right and as expected. But the formatting for the opening information pages didn’t translate. All the text, title, characters, setting description, were left justified.

It’s not a big issue to re-do those introductory pages in FD - that program keeps those pages as a separate file, apart from the script itself, and that may be the problem here.

But if someone here knows if this is a known issue, or if there’s something more I should have done so the formatting was all retained, I would appreciate the info.