Some Go To shortcuts don't work on initial launch

Hello, all, I think I may have found a bug:

The problem: the keyboard shortcuts for “Go To Enclosing Group” and “Go To Editor Selection” do not work on initial launch of the programme. Once either of these items are selected from the menu (View>Go To>Enclosing Group|Editor Selection) they keyboard shortcuts will then work normally, until Scrivener is completely closed and restarted again.

Systems: Reproduced on Scrivener in Windows 7 64 bit and Windows XP 32 bit

How to Reproduce:

  1. Completely shut down all instances of Scrivener
  2. Launch Scrivener normally
  3. Select an item in the Binder which is not at the top level
  4. Use keyboard shortcut Shift+Alt+Up|Down

Expected Behaviour: Focus should move up or down one level, depending on selection.
Actual Behaviour: Nothing happens.

Workaround: Use menu selection {View>Go To>Enclosing Group} or {View>Go To>Editor Selection}. After either of these options have been used once, the keyboard shortcut will behave normally in all instances of Scrivener until all Scrivener processes have ended, at which point, it is necessary to invoke one of the menu selections again.

Attempts to Resolve:
a) Rebooting does not solve the problem.
b) Killing all processes and restarting them does not solve the problem (indeed it causes it to re-occur).
c) Using “Options” to set the keyboard shortcuts do different key combos (eg. Shift+Esc & Shift+Return) does not resolve the problem.
d) Moving around the binder using methods other then the menu commands listed above (eg. direct mouse clicking, double clicking on corkboard background) does not solve the problem.

Many thanks for all your hard work in making this programme run. I hope you find this bug report helpful.


  • Dreadnought

FWIW, I was able to reproduce this, or a variant of it. In my case, I got a different behavior, also anomalous:

  • When Scrivener first opens, Shift+Alt+Arrow selects multiple files, either upward or downward from the start position.

  • After opening the View -> Go To menu, whether I actually select the Enclosing Group command or not, the Shift + Alt + Arrow shortcuts behave as expected.


Thanks for the thorough report, Dreadnought, and your testing, Katherine. I’ve got this on the list!