Some good common-sense advice...

…for aspiring fiction writers in this blog by a forumite, Scrivener-user and widely-published author.

Thank you, Hugh. Brilliant advice, that I could certainly profit from. Duly bookmarked. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the mention, Hugh. If people have any questions about how I use Scrivener feel free to post them at as a comment or just mail me through the site and I will endeavour to answer them. Scrivener accounts for 90 pc of my work time these days and I’ve now written four full length novels in it. Can’t imagine what I did before Keith had that crazy idea.
David Hewson

David, I love the blog, have bookmarked it as one of my favorites. I was introduced to Ambrose Bierce years ago by my husband, when we were both grad students. Above his carrel in the library Ted had pinned his quote about the telephone:

I only wonder how he would have felt about the internet. :laughing:

Will email you about Scriv use–I’m curious…

Sort of covered that in this post here - … -synopsis/

If you hit the Scrivener tag in the sidebar you can quickly see all the related articles.


Congratulations on creating that rare breed, a site for writers that isn’t an effing waste of time. What I really like about your posts is that they focus on the work, and not on ridiculous fluff like “10 secrets to make your prose more powerful.” (I always think that people who are looking for “tricks” and “secrets” don’t really want the job anyway.)

Keep up the good work!


Thanks Sean. This is really an experiment and it remains to be seen whether it’s one I can maintain. All I’m really writing there are notes to myself about practical things. Personally I shriek when I hear people writing about the arc of grief and all that crap. Writing is a craft and the practical side of it seems to me very important.
As to the secrets… it never fails to escape my attention that those books called ‘How to write a bestseller’ are always written by some bloke called Hiram Snot you’ve never heard of. If you knew how to wouldn’t you be writing one not writing how to?


While I agree with your sentiment, I take issue with your slandering of the novels of Hiram Snot. His My Imaginary Novel is one of the seminal works of pretend fiction, and a ripping good pretend yarn. I read a chapter a night to my Kids That I Don’t Have (y’know, the ones about whom I intend to write a book on parenting.)


Ah Hiram - where is he now?

It’s the old saying, “Those that can do; those that can’t teach” As a teacher of sorts, I’ve added a third line, “… those that can’t teach become consultants” … so now I guess I’ve insulted half the world! Oh well, what’s new? :unamused:


Them as can do
Them as can’t teach
Them as won’t…join forums!

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Haaghh!! Luvit! Luvit! Luvit! :smiley:

Why stop there? :confused:

Youll know about it pal, if thingy gets her maulers around y larynx!! :open_mouth: