Some help exporting

I have been using the trial version of Scrivener for a few days, and decided to purchase it today. Great software, and I simply loved the writing experience.

However if someone could help me with the following.

I have 25 pages in scrivener, organized by the document structure (a service guide paper)
Roughly speaking the structure looks like :

Purpose of Guide
What is a service
Key Concepts and Terms
idea 1
idea 2

First question, can the hierarchy on the left not get enumerated in inside Scrivener ? I would like for it to be a meta tag, not ‘hard-code it into the name’ becuase that makes it too hard to manage in large documents, especially if I want to move or delete a page. If not in scrivener, can this be done when exporting the document ? I’d like to have the following in my final exported document :

  1. Overview
    1.1 Purpose of Guide
    1.2 What is a service
    2 Key Concepts and Terms
    2.1 strategy
    2.1.1 idea 1
    2.1.2 idea 2

Also, my final draft needs to be in word. However I have yet to be able to find a suitable way of exporting the document out of Scrivener and into word where the titles in the hierarchy are truly treated as headers in the output. Level 1 and 2 seems to go fine, but level 3 for instance, and level 4 gets same formatting as level 2.

Furthermore, it seems level 1 and 2 are simply “formatted” as a header. The exported word file does not seem to have been formatted with the MS Word ‘Styles’ i,e. ‘Header 1’, or ‘Header 2’.

Becuase the next step in my workflow is … I need to build a TOC.

I thought all of this was supposed to be pretty smooth, but it looks like I am better off just writing in Word instead … I hate to manually do all this stuff in World land.

As an additional piece of info, in my document,

Everything is inside a folder icon>>
Overview (Defined as a file collection, not the folder icon)
Purpose of Guide (file)
What is a service (file)
Key Concepts and Terms (file collection)
strategy (file collection)
idea 1 (file)
idea 2 (file)

Thanks for any and all help, tips or tricks. Thanks.

In my mind, numbering should never be an actual part of the chapter title. It is something one shouldn’t have to worry about until the book is printing. Cross-referencing should all be LyXian tokens. But that aside, you should check out the Scrivener help file, specifically under Menus / Edit / Insert / Auto-numbers. You should find numbering tokens here that you can place into the Binder titles if you do wish for numbers to be hard coded into the titles.

Doesn’t Word have a way of numbering titles automatically and dynamically at the end of the process? Scrivener is really intended to be a drafting program that creates a file which can then be formatted (and numbered) in a page layout program or word processor, if such treatment is even necessary at all. So while it does have things like the numbering tokens, they are not wildly powerful, nor can a table of contents be generated from them. Unless you are using LaTeX as an export, Scrivener isn’t really designed to create a book. It’s all about making the stuff that goes into a book that much easier.

I have the same problem. Scrivener is great for putting together the content, however it is tedious to have to apply the WP styles to the compiled draft (I’m using OpenOffice, but it doesn’t seem to matter whether this is Pages, Mellel or something else).

What do other people use as their workflow for this? Do you really go through the compiled draft selecting every paragraph and applying the right style? Even just doing this for headings is a pain.

Mellel’s Replace Styles function allows to replace all paragraphs with the same features at once.

This is not as comfortable as I’d love it to be but definitely better than applying styles manually for every paragraph.

Scrivener does not support true styles - this is a limitation of the OS X text system in general, which Scrivener uses.