Some Highlighter Questions

Having just discovered the joys of using customised label Highlighters, combined with the Highlights Finder, I’ve run into a slight problem.
The Orange highlighter is virtually indistinguishable from the Yellow one (at least on my iBook G4 running Tiger) which means that at the moment I don’t’ use it, to avoid confusing myself when scanning through long texts. Is there any way I can modify it to make it oranger? I tried to change it using the Arbitrary command, but it didn’t seem to have any effect.

If I use an Arbitrary colour does this increase the possible number of Highlighters from 5 to 6? Is there in fact a limit on the number of Highlighters? From a previous thread, it would seem there is.

And when using Highlight Finder is there a Find All command that will bring up all found sections of the selected Highlight colour or must I step through each one using Next or Previous?

Thanks again for a brilliant programme.


There’s no way of showing all highlights at once, no (presumably you mean like a search?). Also, using an arbitrary colour doesn’t add it to the list of highlighters, and you cannot rename arbitrary highlights. However, this will change with 2.0 - with 2.0 there is a way of adding custom highlight colours to the menus and of renaming them.
All the best,

Thanks Keith,

I’ll use Arbitrary to make the Orange Highlighter and just make a note of what it means

Can’t wait for 2.0!


But is there a way to customize the pre-selected highlight colours (not the labels)? Your “yellow” highlight is a kind of sickly yellow-green, at least on my Airbook…

No. (The yellow highlighter colour is based on the one in Nisus, and also nicely mimics the way a real yellow highlighter looks after you’ve run it along some fresh ink…) As I say, in 2.0, this is all more customisable.