Some issue I'm having with scrivener: Please help

I never had an issue with Scrivener till now, The bars where the files, edit, view, etc, they show up transparent and it takes a long time for the options on those bars to show up under those categories. Another issue is that when I click on the page I wrote in, the black flashing bar won’t appear, again taking its sweet time to show up. I’ve refreshen everything, deleted some programs, and it just doesn’t want to go to normal. I’ve even tried to see if there might have been an update, and there is nothing. What can I do?

Hello Net,
I have only once had problems with Scrivener messing me around. I sorted it by uninstalling the program and downloading a fresh copy. Make sure you have your email with your registration code to hand first. It only took ten to fifteen minutes. Don’t forget once you are back up and running to point your fresh copy to where you store your projects and make sure your back up settings are as you want them.