Some keywords wishes

  • For each keyword, the ability to choose whether the chip colour appears on a card, because with more than half a dozen they’re too small to see on the cards. Some of my keywords are metadata tags to help create collections, and I don’t need to see them on the cards. Others are visual markers that I do want to see.
  • A way to remove keywords from multiple cards (apart from deleting the keyword altogether).
  • The ability to add a keyword to a card by right-click in its keyword pane, which would display the list of keywords.

Thanks, as ever, for a great program. :slight_smile:

Any thoughts about this, Keith?

You can control to some extent the keywords that appear on the cards by how you order them in the inspector–place the ones you want visible at the top, then limit the number of keywords shown on the corkboard.

Your third item, right-clicking on the keyword pane, is already in the pipeline. :slight_smile:


I am using keywords for characters and locations. I dragndrop them to the keywords panel in the inspector for each scene in which they appear.
I have about 25 characters and group them in sub groups according to the sub plot. Also about 10 locations.

What is giving me some grief is that they insist on being in alphabetical order :blush: Is there any way to stop that ? I would love to keep related characters near each other and not have to search each one out each time.

That sounds like a very interesting use. The keywords and labels features are two of my favorites, for fiction and non-fiction.

Nice idea! If memory serves, the keyword panel does have a sort option at its bottom line. Would that help? A wish of mine would be a simpler way to assign keywords (e.g., a keyword panel that opens where you want it; the ability to right-click and assign a keyword to a folder, file, group like you can assign a label, status, etc.). The latest update has really been a treasure trove of useful features imho.

I’m writing right now and it only has a ‘delete’ button an a search button. (Mac Version)


The keyword panel lets you arrange keywords like items in an outline – with some keywords as “subkeywords” of others. Make some dummy grouping keywords and distribute your existing keywords among them. Voila! Your keywords are now custom clustered.


P.S. There are two “add new keyword” buttons on the Project Keywords panel – one to create a subkeyword of the current keyword selection and one to create a sibling keyword of the current keyword selection. Using these, you can easily make these keyword hierachies as you go on from here.

Many thanks, Greg! Just played around with this and I see great possibilities in these sibling or child options.

Adding to this, I’d really like to be able to right click on a card on the board or an item in the outliner and add a keyword that way. I know I can do it with the Inspector, but the right click would be easier.