Some kind of export I'd love to have


I’m new here, I’ve been using scrivener for about 6 months, I find it pretty useful to organize my writing, edit and cut, change scenes, very useful for the script I’m on.

Now, before I start to write the content of each scene in text mode, I use the cardboard to sum up my story, see how scenes interact, and have an idea of how the story looks like.

So I wrote a lot, but nothing in text mode, everything is in cardboard. These cardboards are inside several folders that are chronologic, I gave them a name and a description. Just like below : this is what I see when I clik on the root folder of my project :

Each folder, meaning each part of my story, looks like an index card, and I may sum up the content of this part inside the card.

So here is what I see when I click on the “FIRST PART” folder

I like working this way, because I find it easy to make choices, and reorganize scenes from a folder to another.

Now, here is what I discovered by chance : when I’m in the Finder (Mac OS 10.11.5), as I press space bar on my Scrivener file, I get a view which looks pretty much like a synopsis of my story :

You see, everything I wrote is inside, from the folder titles and descriptions, to the scenes sum-ups. Do you know a way I could export and/or print that type of view directly from Scrivener ? That would be very helpful to me !

Each time I try to compile, I get nothing on my export, because I didn’t use text mode.

Thanks a lot,


When you’re in the compile dialogue, click on the drop-down list next to “Format As:”, and choose Enumerated Outline. It mimics, in some ways, the customizable outline view. See the control in the toolbar, or section 10: Outliner in the interactive tutorial project, available under the Help menu. In many ways, the outline mode is superior to the cork board mode of viewing, in that you can see the entire “outline” as it is structured in the binder, not just one level/folder at a time.

  1. If you are not specifically looking for /output/, then maybe what you really want here is just Outline View! You can customize the outline view to include the title and synopsis of each document.

  2. Also, if Enumerated Outline is good for your purpose, but doesn’t do just what you wanted, you can tweak its compile settings to meet your needs. The Formatting section of the Compile dialog lets your specify for each type of document/container just what the compiled output should include: title, synopsis, and/or body text. And the formatting of these different elements can be set as well.


Hello rdale and gr,

thank you so much for your answers,

I’m now discovering the binder mode (and the interactive tutorial), which is what I needed at that point,

I confess I didn’t find the “Enumerated Outline” option in my compile dialog, my version is in French, and my English is limited, I tried several options, never got what I was looking for,

but in Scrivener, as I switched to binder mode, I was able to save as pdf using the printing menu.

So I now have my super synopsis doc just like I wanted it, and I thank you all again for your answers !


Not sure what “Binder mode” is, but I am glad you found a good solution, Basile!