Some little BlockWriter requests

  1. I noticed that I can load an RTFD file from another program, and BlockWriter will happily use whatever character and ruler styles have already been applied to the document. Overjoyed, I created a “template” document using my favourite Underwood classic typewriter font (not a big Courier New fan), and the line spacing and indenting that I prefer. Now, I can load that file and use it as a starting point. Then I thought, it would be nice if there were a “template” file located in Application Support or somewhere, so that this would be automatic. Another alternative would simply be to have a preference in BlockWriter for default font and ruler style. Basically the “mini-template” idea I’ve seen done in a few applications.

While on the topic of RTFDs, I noticed a small bug. If you try to save out the file using RTF it seems to still use RTFD, but it messes it up, not using the Bundle Bit, and ends up with a regular folder with the RTF file inside. Haven’t tried Doc format.

  1. This one seems logical: When underscoring a section that has already been underscored, double underscore it. Yes, that requires the use of a pen and a ruler when using a typewriter, but we already have another feature utilising imaginary liquid paper, so why not?