Some of my writings...

I thought it would be nice to post something I have written. It is the beginning of the second chapter of my 2nd children book. The main character is Misscha, a cat of about 14 years old.

It is in English, however keep in mind, it’s not my main language, so I’m sure there will be something now and then that is not correct. Comments are welcome!

Misscha and the Dark Shaman - chapter 2.pdf (57.1 KB)

What really annoys me about people like you, Andreas, is: your command of ‘my’, language is far superior to my own, and I`m fed up now :frowning:
Beautifully descriptive prose. :smiley:
Take care

Mmm. not sure if this is an insult/attack or not… I do not really understand what you mean. (English is not my main language so I could just not get the hidden joke…)


If I said,“I wish I spoke English as eloquently as André does. If I did, I`d be as happy as a dog with two ding-a-lings!” :laughing:
Does that make sense :wink:


Vic-k is saying that he is jealous of your ability to use the English language to express ideas and thoughts. As you can tell, vic-k, who is a NATIVE speaker of English, does not have much ability to express himself with the written word.

If you read a few threads you will find this condition is true of three specific individuals. The rest of the intelligent member of the scriverati (what we call the crew here) tolerate their presence. As the three are not proper members of the “crew” and are known as the “+3”. Recently there have been rumblings that the number of “tolerated” members may be growing, but the “+3” keep raising the bar hence lowering the standards to be admitted into the proper scriverati.

Just so you know who the problem children are, you should be cautious of that vic-k person, a pigeon called Wock and

no problem, so he is one of the clowns on this forum, well, any forum has a couple of those; keeps the ball rolling. 8)


I’d say! The clown prince extraordinaire. Just with smaller shoes and a redder nose. (the red nose has something to do with the Red Lion Me’thinks) :smiling_imp:

There y go again, :blush: y old soft-soaper :smiling_imp: