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Best wishes and Good luck to those of our cousins caught by this monster!

I’ve been in a few much further down on the scale from those, including one stuck in a car. I can’t imagine how much worse that one was. (As high on the scale as it comes, they’re saying.) While I’ve been known to sit with face glued to a window during a tornado (or outside in a porch), that one would’ve had my behind firmly ensconced in the basement.

I have a feeling it’s going to be a rough spring for tornadoes and an even worse season for hurricanes.

Encouraging news from Oklahoma, if you can call 21 deaths encouraging. The revised death toll is now 21 instead of up in the 50s.

Things seem to be getting worse each year.
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I love a good storm, and those people were doing the right thing by staying behind it, but, damn, I would’ve crapped myself.

They certainly do. After Sandy, I have to wonder what this summer will hold.

I wonder how many of the dead were similarly inclined, and then found out that you often can’t see a tornado until it touches down, or when it forms directly above you. :unamused:

Years ago, house-sitting for one of my daughters, I was out cutting wood when I heard rumblings of a storm. Put away the tools, checked the animals in the barn, strolled into the house, found a beer, and sat down to watch the storm roll in over the Southern hills. At some point, good sense took hold — I think it may have been when I saw and heard that midnight racing toward me. Grabbed a couple pillows and dove into a corner next to a load-bearing wall. Within seconds, the world was enveloped in a roaring screeching blackness that twisted my senses. Then, after two minutes or half an hour — not sure which — it stopped, dead, completely. Trees were down all around the house, blocking the doors; I had to climb out a window to see what had happened. It had literally — a strip of strewn and missing trees as proof — touched down between the house and the barn, tearing a corner off the roof of the barn, and one rain gutter off the house. That was it. Luckiest goddam day of my life.


˙uʍop ǝpısdn ƃuıʇıɹʍ ǝɯ pɐɥ ʇı ƃuoɹʇs os sɐʍ ɯɹoʇs ǝɥʇ

Nothing new there, pidg!!

That happened to me too, only mine was, my first taste of the Ebony Elixir…Guinness.
Needless to say we’re all glad your came through it relatively unscathed. I’ll bet Mammy Jameson clasped you to her bosom that night…eh? :smiling_imp:

For me it was many a moon ago, a young lass by the name of …

Now I’m intrigued. At the risk of being impertinent, was the moon waxing…or waning? :wink:

Actually after the waxing it was waning…

Before waxing again, no doubt. :smiley: