Some operations not availble off network drive

I have a Scrivener doc on Mac-1. Can open it on Mac-1, and see all operations available under Format / Convert.

I close that doc, go to Mac-2, mount network drive of Mac-1, and open the same document. Opens fine. But operations under Format / Convert are now disabled.

Hopefully a bug, and not intended behavior.

Is Scrivener installed separately on each machine, or is the app on the external drive?


Installed and run separately on each machine.

Then, Sophie, if that’s not the reason — 'cos some settings data is stored in a preference file or application support file, and they are specific to each machine — and it is that particular set of commands, I’m afraid you’re probably going to have to wait till Keith is back from holiday to work out what might be going on for you.

The only things I can think of for the moment are on Mac-2: check the hard disk that Scrivener is on and repair if necessary; do a repair permissions; and if you’re desperate, try deleting the version of Scrivener and re-installing as it sounds to me as if something has got corrupted.

Sorry I can’t help more. Maybe someone else can.


Running from a network drive should make no difference here - there’s nothing in the code that distinguishes between where a project is running from. The only reason items in that menu should be disabled is if they are not available because you are, for instance, viewing the corkboard, or the outliner, or if some other control has the focus that doesn’t support the items in that menu. Could you please give more details and possibly provide screenshots?