Some paragraphs not indenting


I went back into my manuscript to fix some typos and recompile a kindle file.

Now, some of my paragraphs are not indenting, while others are. This is happening throughout the entire book. It is strange, because this problem just manifested itself. The exact same file used to have the correct indents.

I have turned on the invisibles, and the paragraph breaks are there. I cannot understand why some of them will not automatically indent.

Please help!

Now it’s doing it in another book that I am currently writing as well, one that I started as a brand new file.

Sometimes when I hit return, the next line does not indent.

Please help, as I find it really hard to write when I cannot visually see where the paragraphs break.

Does the info in this post help?

Unfortunately, no.

I even tried selecting the portions where the indents were working and defining a new preset from them, then applying that preset to the portions where the indents were not working. It did not work.

Not near a Mac, so can’t test this, but is it possible to select all the text and then just move the first line indent marker on the ruler?

Not a fix to the glitch, but hopefully a short-term workaround.

If only it were so simple. Selecting all text and using the ruler was one of the first things I tried, and unfortunately, it didn’t work.

I have gotten the new file to work by selecting all text and using Format->Text->Indents->Increase First Line Indent

However, the paragraphs that it fails to indent in the other document are randomly sprinkled throughout a 104,000 word novel, so selecting each of them individually and applying that would take hours.

Keep the suggestions coming!

Seems like a very odd and annoying error. Hopefully the tech team at L&L will pick this up for you tomorrow and answer online. If not, you can email them.

Seriously? Nobody knows how to fix this?

Sorry to bring up this very old thread, but I am having the EXACT same issue. What seemed to have been working before, is now not. Half of my compiled novel (into a PDF for now) is intended as it should be but half is not. The 1st half is not indenting at all. At the Compile, Formatting settings, I don’t have ‘Remove first paragraph indents’ checked. Anyone know the problem?

Oy, this is a weird one. My best suggestion is to try and reproduce it in a test project, maybe with some Lorem Ipsum text and some marker words sprinkled in so you can tell which documents contained that text originally. Once you’ve got that going, contact support with a File->Backup->Back Up To… copy (use the .zip compression option) attached to the email. You could also attach it here, in case us regular schmnoes are curious to see if the project manifests the same issue on their own computers.

Other information that may be relevant to the support folks: What version of Mac OS you’re on, Scrivener version number… If you’re compiling straight to PDF, then that’s probably sufficient.

Thanks for the quick response. I did what you said and took a portion of the text and moved it to another file. No problem experienced. I then went back into my original document and chose the “Original” compile settings for a PDF. No problem experienced. So I can logically assume that I screwed up some of my settings as I tried to format the chapter numbers and all that good stuff. Argh… Let me go back and start reformatting.