Some photos not appearing in compiled epub3 ebook

I’m trying to create an epub 3 format ebook. The book is about photography and includes a lot of photos. Some of the photos are missing in the compiled version. Does anybody know what might cause this? Thanks.

Are the photos all stored in the same way inside/outside the project?

Are they all in the same format?

Instead of the images, what do you see in the compiled ePub?

All missing photos are JPEGs and saved in the same folder as the other photos. Here’s a screenshot that shows what I see in the epub file. It looks as if the photo has been omitted from the epub file during the compile process.

For ePub 3, you can ask Scrivener to save the source files in a folder during compile. If you do this and then look for the missing images, are they in the folder?

If you test compile to another format (such as PDF), are the images in the output?

The missing images are jpegs. The images that compile are in a different format?

The missing images are also jpeg files.

I compiled a PDF and no photos are missing.

I compiled the epub3 document again with the source folder. Some of the photos are still missing from the epub document. They are not in the images folder, but they show up in the OPS folder without the .jpg extension and with different file names.


I think I’ve found the cause of the problem. The file names of the affected photos have one thing in common – they begin with an underscore.


I don’t know if it’s a bug in Scrivener or a file name incompatibility with the epub format.

I’ve just changed the file names of the affected photos and they appear in the epub 3 document now. Problem solved.

Thanks for sharing the solution.