Some problems with citations

Hello everyone!
When I compile my Scriv. file using MMD to Latex and Article class, my citations appear as \textbackslash{}cite{Assoun1981} instead of \cite{Assoun1981}. Do you know why?

The best way to key in a citation using Markdown is to use its syntax for it. So in that case it would look something like this.[#Assoun:1981].

If you use raw LaTeX, you do need to “escape” it, otherwise MMD will assume you mean to type those punctuation marks for the reader to see. To escape something you would do this:


Realistically, if you do a lot of that you’d be better of making a “Raw LaTeX” style in your project and marking the text with it. If you examine the built-in compile format’s Style pane, you’ll find that I’ve already created this style as an example, and that it will insert the backticks and LaTeX language marker on the end for you.

Which method to use is up to you. The MMD syntax does more for you out of the box, but it might do too much. It’s worth running some tests to make sure you get the result you want and if it doesn’t work how you want, use the style instead. Bear in mind you could also create a Cite style where all you have to type into the editor is the key, and have it insert all of the syntax for you, including the escape code.

Thank you for your advices. Whatever I do, it does not work at all: my references are not taken in account as I can do using a Latex engine even when I use the preformatted Scrivener Latex template. I don’t know why. What a pity! I made my doctoral thesis (400 pages) entirely in that extraordinary Scrivener and using Latex markups. I’m going to persist and try to figure out why it does not work. But I feel I’ll have to use Latex markups as ordinary.