Some Questions about my First Tries Compiling

I have taken the advice of others here who replied to a recent thread of mine, and have started to experiment with the Compile feature in Scrivener in order to gradually get to know it.

One of the things I notice is that Compile has created a lower case out of a phrase I have consistently used in which both of the two words are capitalized - “The Object”.

I realize that using “The” might cause problems, but this phrase is one of the central parts of my novel, and has to be capitalized.

Any suggestions about how I could accomplish this?

For example, is there any way that I can get Scrivener to treat “The Object” as a phrase, rather than as two separate words?

Or is there some way to get Scrivener to not detect words that begin with capital letters in the midst of a sentence, rather than at the beginning?

Or perhaps there is a way of selecting the instances in which I want “the object” to display as “The Object” and apply Title Case to my selection, or a style?

Is it better to simply use Export and create an RTF file which will - I hope - preserve this formatting?


What format did you Compile to, and what did you use to view the output? What you’re describing sounds more like a rogue auto-correct in Word than something the Compile command would do. If the text is capitalized as you wanted in the Scrivener Editor, it should still be that way in the output document.

Compiling to PDF is a good test to see if the capitalization is being changed in Scrivener or elsewhere.

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Thanks for your reply, Katherine.

I chose ‘Manuscript (Times)’, and ‘Compile for PDF’, options, then opened the resulting PDF to view.

I got this to work.

The things that I did different were:

  1. Changed the selection in the ‘Compile’ drop-down box from ‘[my novel’s name] Manuscript’ to ‘Current Selection’

  2. Exited and re-started Scrivener a couple of times