Some Questions Scrivener Beta

I wrote my whole new book with the new Windows Scrivener Beta Version.

I’ve got some question, that i cant answer by myself. Maybe you could help me?!

Where can i change how Headlines like “H1” look like? Actually in my Scrivener they are Calibri, Bold, 18. Where can i change them to Calibri, Bold, 14 for the whole document?

Are there any options in Scrivener to change hyphenation or does that work fine for german language?

I just exported my Document as .mobi to check how it looks for Kindle Readers. And there i just have seen, that all my umlauts (ä,ö,ü, etc.) are not shown. I choose “german” as Language but it doesnt work.

Thanks for your help!

I presume you used a style to set this formatting at some point, like “Heading 1”, in the Format Bar. If so it’s a simple matter. You should go through the “Styles” document in the interactive tutorial from the Help menu, for the basics on how to work with styles. Toward the bottom you’ll see a section on “Redefining Styles”.

It doesn’t look like there is any kind of hyphenation in the writing area itself, if that is what you mean. For compile, you will find an option in the Text Layout compile format pane, for those formats that support it. This doesn’t actually hyphenate to be clear, it just tells whatever opens this file that you would like to have hyphenation used. How that is used (with languages) and whether it is, is up to the software typesetting the document.

It would help to know which Mobi option you used, and I think you should also be seeing a Save source files in a folder with exported ePub file setting, in the general options tab on the right side of the compile overview screen. I’d turn that on and see what kind of HTML you’re getting.

Thanks for your answer. That helped me a lot. :slight_smile:

Now i got some further questions:

  1. I just configured my own format in the compile options based on the kindle mobi format. It looks good so far, but instead of “Inhaltsverzeichnis” the headline for my Table of Contents is “Contents” - see Attachments. Can i change this?

  2. If i open the book for the first time or if i click on Kindle or Kindle Reader App on “Start” or in german “Anfang”, then i dont land at the beginning og the book (“Vorwort”) but i land in “Vorsicht vor Überoptimierung”. The 5th chapter. And i really donnow why. Any idea? (see attachments)

  3. Actually i use the structure of content, you can see in the attachment 3.jpg. And i really would like to see “Start”, “Morgenroutine”, “Arbeitstechniken”, etc. as a Big Headline OVER the H1 Headlines for “Vorwort”, “Was genau ist Multiple Sklerose?” and so on. Is that possible. I activated “include text of containing group” and included “Start” but i can’t see it in the outcome mobi. Any ideas?

Thanks, Chris

the other attachements… :slight_smile:


  1. It looks like you’ve already found the place where this change would be made. It’s not impacting the HTML table of contents page though—since this area of the software is not yet complete, I wouldn’t expect everything to be perfect just yet. But your settings are correct, so as it does complete, it should start working better.
  2. I’m not sure about this one, but the regular reading program isn’t the best place for testing stuff like this, since it remembers books you’ve looked at before, even after you delete them.
  3. Not sure if it is working yet, but you can try putting a document in your binder that uses the same “Inhaltsverzeichnis” as its binder title. That file will then be used for the table of contents, giving you complete control over its presentation.
  1. Thanks. By the way: Do you know, when the news scrivener is finished? i searched @ google for this problem and found some threads with the same problem. It seems, that it can be solved with the software sigil. but mabee just with epub, not mobi. I will check this.

  2. No, i checked this in the kindle app AND on my original kindle and i still got this problem. It seems, that the Headline. In The attachement from my kindle you can see that “Vorsicht vor Optimierung” doesnt seem to be unter “Titelei” (TOC) and it appers, wenn i touch on “Start”. Seems that the problem is in scrivener, but i have no idea :confused:

  3. thanks. i will give it a try


i need your help again.

I’ve got the following problems:

  1. I use a lot of bulleted list. And some of the bullet points look wrong on Kindle and i really dont know why. In Scrivener everything is fine.

  2. At the end of every chapter i’ve got an CTA called “Was du tun kannst”. And some of these bulled points are shown wrong too. it looks like, on my Kindle they are in full justification, but in Scrivener they are flush left

  3. The same for some of my h2 titles. In Scrivener all of them are flush left but on my Kindle some of them are in full justification.

  4. I created a own TOC called “Inhaltsverzeichnis” with some help from Google. But instead of the page numbers, i only see <$p>. Where is the problem and why is tis not working?

all of that problems you can see in my following pictures

This are some serious problems and i really need your help. is that maybee because of the beta Version of Scrivener and if… what can i do to solve this problems?



next pictures…

next ones…

Whether or not to use justification is generally handled by the device, as are such things as the font, text size and so forth.

There are no page numbers in eBooks, in that sense. This is why the documentation advises uses a simple link list for ebook TOCs.

As for the rogue nested link, I don’t know what is going on there, but as a general rule of thumb if the output doesn’t match the input, I like to reset the input. Remove the list formatting from this section entirely, make sure there are no odd hidden characters in the text after doing so, and then reapply list formatting.


i just wanna let you know, that my book is online on Amazon since 2 Weeks and that all of the problems are solved.

But i got one last question about the TOC:

In “TOC_jetzt.jpg” you see my actual TOC.
“TOC_gewünscht.jpg” is like i want it to be. Is this possible in Scrivener?

Thanks, Chris

It is not possible at this time, but we intend it to be. What you are describing is currently available on the Mac version and is intended to be added to the Windows version, though I am not sure how soon it will be implemented.

well, okay. Do you know any tool, that can help me with this?

Either Sigil or Calibre make good choices for final-stage ebook editing and design.