Some random questions

As an added measure of security to backup my project, I’d like to backup to a USB flash drive. What is the best, safest way to do that? Once done, does it have to be performed manually each time?

Not critical, but when opening a project does there always have to be something displayed in the Editor?

I’ve performed all the steps in the IOS version of Scrivener and the project shows in Dropbox, but no matter what I do or try, how can I get that project from Dropbox into Scrivener? Once accomplished, will that happen on its own each time it’s saved and closed on my Mac?

Thank you!

File -> Backup -> Backup To will back the project up to any destination you like. That’s a manual backup. It’s possible to configure Scrivener’s automatic backups to point to a USB stick – Scrivener -> Preferences -> Backups – but of course that backup will fail if the stick is not connected.

By default, Scrivener will reopen with the same project(s) that were open when it was last used. Scrivener -> Preferences -> General -> Startup to change this setting. Individual projects will reopen in the same state they were in when closed, except that window settings (full screen, Quick Reference panes) may not be preserved.

Our troubleshooting guide for Dropbox synchronization is here: … os-syncing
A complete guide to setting up synchronization is here: … g-with-ios


Thank you.